The future of ClipSync

I have mentioned ClipSync Pro a couple of times on this site. It’s the paid version of ClipSync. So what will be so special about ClipSync Pro, you ask? To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. I have some features in my head, but I’m not really sure about the priority yet.

The first thing I would like to do, before starting development of ClipSync Pro, is to make ClipSync super stable. A couple of things that are going to be possible after the next update are:

  • If you leave a WiFi network with your phone, and later you enter another (or the same) WiFi network, your phone will automatically check if it was previously connected to any computer in that network, and if so it will connect to that computer. (Unless if you have stopped ClipSync manually of course.)
  • No more unexpected stops. (I know I can’t make that promise but I do promise I will try my best!)
  • The start on boot feature will work 😉

Next, I think ClipSync server for Mac and Linux will be mostly bug free and they will be released.

After that I will stop developing extra features for ClipSync and start working on ClipSync Pro. I will probably start working on security first. After the security system is in place I plan on releasing ClipSync Pro for 50¢ or so. As there are more features added the price will gradually increase.
Some of the extra features of ClipSync pro will include:
  • Connect clipboards trough the cloud (making it possible to copy paste between computers and over mobile data connections as well.)
  • Copy pasting of images
  • Copy pasting of files
I’m not sure about the priority yet, and maybe there are some way cooler features I wasn’t thinking of. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.