Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t paste from desktop to phone or from phone to desktop.

Some people have reported they always get the text “null” or an empty string whenever they paste. Others have reported that the clipboard simply doesn’t get updated. Here’s how to fix this:

  1. Make sure ClipSync is still running on your phone. Sometimes it might look like ClipSync is connected to a server, when in fact it is not. You can verify this by opening the app. If the status text says: “ClipSync service is not running”, please tap the server that appears to be connected again. (This bug will be solved soon.)
  2. Try copying a different text first. Whether you are trying to copy text from your desktop or from your phone, please try and copy a different text first. ClipSync will not send clipboard updates if the text was already present in the clipboard. So please try to copy only part of the text you want to copy, and then copy the whole text again. Everything should go smooth from now on.
Tried these two steps and still no luck? Please send me an e-mail (jules@bdwm.be) or leave a comment below.

I can’t install ClipSync Server on Windows.

Installation errors are mostly due to problems with .NET framework 2.0

ClipSync crashes when I try to connect to a new server.

Just found out about this issue. If you have a single quote symbol ( ‘ ) in your network name
ClipSync will crash when you try and connect to the network. This bug will be fixed in the next update.
The update will be released before september 14th.

Why does my android need to be connected trough WiFi?

For the moment, there is no central server in the cloud to handle copied text.
Everyting you copy and paste will never leave your Local area network (LAN).
This keeps your data secure and private.

Will ClipSync ever work over 3G/4G dataconnection?

This will be possible with ClipSync Pro. Apart from being a way to support me as a developer,
ClipSync Pro will allow copy pasting of text and even files over the cloud. Of course all necesary
measures will be taken to garantee the security of your data.

Can I use ClipSync on Mac or Linux?

I’m rewriting ClipSync Server in Java. If you would like to help and test the stability on Linux or Mac,
please e-mail me and I will send you the beta jar file. (I don’t use Mac or Linux so I can’t test it thoroughly myself.)

ClipSync is using the wrong network interface to connect.

If you have multiple active network interfaces (because of VPN or whatever), it’s possible that ClipSync will connect to the wrong network.The only temporary fix for now is to disable your interface with the “wrong” IP address, start the server application, and then re-enable the disabled interface.

More questions?

E-mail me at jules@bdwm.be or leave them in the comments section below.