What Is ClipSync?

ClipSync is simply the easiest and fastest way to copy paste text between devices.
And it’s 100% free and without ads. I developed this application because I needed it myself
and to get started in the world of Android development.

So how does it work?

First, you need to install the android app on your mobile device, and a Windows program on your PC.

» Click here to set up ClipSync

After ClipSync is set up, there will be a background service running on all your devices.
This background service will automatically keep your clipboards synchronized. So there are only
two simple things you can do once the application is installed:

1. Copy paste text form Android to Windows

Long press any text on your Android device and select Copy

Now paste the text anywhere on your PC with right-click → paste, or ctrl+V.

2. Copy paste text form Windows to Android

Copy any text from your PC by selecting it and right-click → copy or ctrl+C.

Now long press any input field on your android device, and select Paste

How to use ClipSync

» Setup ClipSync